The Mystery of 'Mystery'

Thanks to my friend Berel Berko, I have recently taken on the personal assignment of writing a one page short story every day. I am happy to report (to myself, not you) that this is my 30th consecutive short story! I don’t try to push them too hard on people because I know I am a slow reader and have a hard time getting through things people ask me to read. But if you are the reading type, I am pretty happy with most them and each one has a solid good laugh or two. So check them out, and I will see how long I can keep up a daily short story.

Here’s my 30th short story of this year:

"The Mystery of ‘Mystery’"

It’s about maaaaagic!!!

Sammy's Great Vomit Affair

This short story is a real underdog romance story. I think it will warm your heart and turn your stomach!! Give it a read!

Me? See JOHN WICK? Okay it’s a deal!!!

Me? See JOHN WICK? Okay it’s a deal!!!

Kirk Baggum Waxes That Baby


Buzzy the Bear

I wrote a cute playful little story that you can’t resist and it has a twist! cuz all stories have to have a twist! says might n ight sh mayalanon! readddddd

John Dump Takes a Race

I wrote a story aboutt this race we are all running hurry to the finish line of having read it!!!!!!!!!!!! jk i don’t care. dow hat u want byebye

Moe's Mom's Mush

I know a new short easy to read little story today it’s called “Moe’s Mom’s”—ah you see what it’s called, it’s written up there— just read the damn thing. it’s so fucking clever you’ll wanna puke.

Gross Little Ruthie

I wrote a story about a gross little lady who builds an empire out of necessity. what does it get her?! Read it!

A Dramatic Tale of Youth

I wrote a new story about the emotional difficulties our youth face. It’s timeless. Please read it so you can better understand our children.

Mark Perkins Takes a Risk

I wrote a story about a guy who steps out of his comfort zone to try something different. It’s probably too long. Read it if you like to read like smart people do. I don’t know how to read.